Purchase-Plus Improvements Program

Buying the Perfect Home has always been a bit of an Urban Myth.
Realty is there are always a few things you want to change to suit your taste, lifestyle or needs when you buy a resale home.

Post-purchase renovation was not something your typical real estate agent could help you with. In the past,
you engaged a contractor and took the plunge into home renovation often with no one to help or guide you. This was done after you moved in and you lived thru the renovation period as best you could. There are stories!

Those days of dismay and confusion of DIY home reno are blissfully gone!


Introducing an Innovative Home Buyer Service

 "Purchase-Plus Improvements Program" by Casavant

Here is a better way to make your new home perfect.
Gone are all the usual risks, delays, cost-overruns and stress.


Here is how it works:
1. You become a buyer client of ourself and Casavant for a period of 6 months by signing a standard Buyer Representation Agreement for the purchase of a home - no cost or obligation to buy unless we find a home you want to buy.

2. When we find a home you like and it needs no improvements and you decide to buy it as is, we proceed with a standard offer process.

3. If you decide you love the home BUT something really needs updating: you want an updated kitchen or bath, or new floors or a finished basement, then we activate the Purchase-Plus Improvements Program.

Mortgage Affiliate

Purchase and Financing - Integrated financing works best.
You agree to finance your home purchase plus the renovations thru our Affiliate Mortgage Brokerage (they work with all the major banks and lenders and will offer you excellent rates and terms) - we would actually cover this up-front so you could be assurred of getting a good deal on rates and terms. If you are not satisfied with what they offer, you would proceed with a standard purchase thru us and do your renovations in the usual way.
The benefits or using the affiliate mortgage broker is that they are on-board with the program and will cover your home purchase and the planned renovations all under a mortgage at very competitive first mortgage rates.

Inspection & Design

Home Inspection
We always strongly recommend that our buyers do a home inspection. The difference with this program is that we provide a highly qualified affiliate "Architechtural Technologist".  This program subsidizes the extra costs involved for the services of this design expert and what an ordinary home inspector does, so there is no extra cost to you.

In order to expedite the process, we are trained to determine if homes are good candidates for this program. 

The technologist would design your improvements using software designed to render a 3-D rendition of your renovation. You get to see what your new kitchen will look like in 3-D and full colour just like the "Property Brothers"

Fair Pricing
The technologist design program software also produces detailed specifications for the  job and provides a price using industry standard costing and a 20% markup for the contractor. This proprietory tool has been used for decades by the home insurance industry to fairly price insurance claims. You get a fair price and the contractor gets a fair payment for his services. Everbody is treated the same.

The job is allocate to an affiliated general contractor who has been fully vetted and certified to do home renovations and specifically your kind of home renovation.

Guaranteed Performance - On Time and On Price.

Contractors are bonded for 1.5 times the price of the contracted job. Their progress and quality are monitored by a third-party via video feeds and funds are released by the mortgage company in stages.

Dispute Resolution
They have signed agreements that disputes will be handled by a third-party mediation and binding arbitration process.
If they do not deliver as promised, the contractor's bond is forfeited to allow a new contractor to step in and be paid 1.5 times the original contract to remedy the situation. No extra cost to you.



Let's Get Started!
$1,000 Bonus Introductory Offer
Redemptions are requested to sign a confidentialty agreement and agree to a possibly be filmed for a future television show demonstarting this innovative home buying concept.

This program is ONLY available thru Casavant affiliate realtors such as US.

Contact US and let's get started!