About Paoula Annouza

Real Estate Broker

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When it comes to real estate, it seems like everybody talks about customer service, but service isn’t just talk. I recognize that you want more than just conversation…you want a commitment to action. That is what I am committed to give you!

With over 20 years of experience in 3 different languages, well-educated and trained in our profession, I am dedicated to helping you unlock your property’s potential, from the beginning to the end of your real estate journey, with utmost professionalism and integrity and trust.

About Real Estate By Design Team


Wondering what Real Estate By Design Team means?

It takes two hands to build a house and one heart to build a home, by working together with our clients/customers as a team through the process is for us one of the most rewarding experiences, that is what Real Estate By Design Team is for...


Our Mission is to provide Quality Service.

  • We will exceed the expectations of our clients/customers!

  • We will listen to our clients/customers whom we represent in the marketplace!

  • We will design a unique service to meet their needs and deliver that service as efficiently and effectively as possible!

  • We will provide outstanding customer service for your dollar!

  • We are committed to designing and delivering quality service to you, unmatched by our competitors!