Selling or Buying Commercial Properties


Business Properties

Within our Commercial Division, we are Sales Associates with Business Brokerage success who can assist you in making your commercial real estate decision. Confidentiality Agreements will be used at all times to protect valuable corporate information. For Sellers (and indirectly for Buyers), we employ methods to protect the corporate name and the business address. Competitors and employees should find out at the appropriate time and NOT before! Should there not be a business for sale in the area you seek, we will conduct a personalized search for you, or can act as a '‘facilitator” contact to a business owner that you have identified.

Industrial Properties

Your property can be offered for sale without disclosure of the address, and we would employ a Confidentiality Agreement. As Sales Associates we would be pleased to do an area search for what you seek. As Commercial Division member we pride our-selves in our service to our clients.


As a Commercial Division Sales Associates we gladly set aside what we are doing to help you with finding a solution to your needs, whether a purchase, sale, or a lease. When you choose us we will do an area reviews so you will be aware of the buildings or space and prices that are available in your size range.


Commercial Division Members have excellent search methods to find opportunities for you. We may know people who have what you need for land development. We would search door-to-door, or area-by-area, if need be. Professional Real Estate Service is our business – we work for our clients….

Retail Properties

Buying, Leasing, or ‘business purchase’ to obtain the desired location, is where we excel: As Commercial Division Sales Associates we are at your service. Yes - market statistics are available and we can provide them for your specific needs.

Investment Properties

Many Investment Properties are not disclosed on the open market but are offered confidentially. As Commercial Agents we monitor sources and stay in contact with previous buyers and sellers. Share with us your objectives, and get ready for the search result opportunities… We have buyers that are renovators, and post-renovators that are sellers. Upgrading property is a full-time business and presents opportunities

Remember, if you have any questions we're always just a phone call or email away.
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